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Robopet and Spidersapien - Wowee's Newest Toys!

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Allow Spidersapien to enter your home and become the ultimate Robopet. Choose Robopet for the perfect mix of technology and personality.

Robopet: all you've ever wanted

There are a million different toys in the world designed to make children happier, however none of them satisfy the range of needs that your child may have like our Robotic pets. The Robopet is anything and everything you could ask for in a toy. These pets' sensors respond to human movement and sounds so that the toy is actually interacting with you while you play. No experience you have with a Robopet will be similar to the one before, since it's capable of performing so many different tasks.

By investing in our many robotic toys, you are guaranteeing the fact that your child will never have a dull moment while playing again. Robopets are superior to all other robotic pets, because their multiple modes and functions provide all sorts of options for enjoyment. Don't waste anymore time throwing money away on things that your child will get bored of in a matter of weeks. Buy our products today, and experience the best technology has to offer.

Spidersapien: superhero robot stands alone

You've heard of superhero action figures and may even own a few. You've heard of robotic toys that fly, flight, and jump and may even have tried some of those out. Finally, there is a toy that has brought together these two ideas and created a super toy. Spidersapien mixes the Robosapien that you know and love with your favorite superhero, Spiderman, to give you an experience unlike any other. Now you can watch as this new and improved Spiderman performs functions you never saw him able to perform in the comic books or movies. Spidersapien will be your ultimate bodyguard and will be your partner in crime against any type of villain. Allow your child's imagination to run wild by experiencing Spiderman like he's never been seen before.